What Turns Women On!

Research Into What Attracts Women Sexually In Men

his material is the product of research questionnaires sent to 200 women, who responded to a questionnaire about what they find attractive in men....The main groups of responses were (click on the link to go to that section):

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The progression from cunnilingus to sexual intercourse is possible from most oral sex positions, with a certain amount of changing of position, and sometimes of milieu.

As, from the chair in which the woman has been sitting during cunnilingus, her hips far forward at the edge, she might simply slide down to the floor where the man has been kneeling before her, to join in sexual intercourse with him.

However, several postures for cunnilingus are particularly suited to this progression to coitus, and they are therefore mentioned specially here, rather than later in the section devoted to postures. Note in particular that, in sliding his body upward from a cunnilingual to a coital posture, it is not necessary for the man to withdraw his arms or shoulders if these are under the woman's thighs.

Instead, he can press her thighs upward toward her hips as he rises to lie forward and over her, meanwhile catching the hollows or hocks of her knees in the hollows of his elbows, or even lifting her calves up along and over his shoulders. The man is afforded the deepest possible penetration into the vagina in this posture, with the woman's legs so lifted. This will, of course, make a man who tends to ejaculate quickly, even less able to stop premature ejaculation. Even more information here!

Where his penis is quite long and the woman's vagina relatively short, the posture should be used with care: that is to say, the thrusting forward of the man's hips as he begins sexual intercourse, and during its reciprocating movements, should not be allowed to drive his penis too deep.

Progressions of this type, from cunnilingus to intercourse, and from one posture of intercourse to another, without withdrawing the penis from the vagina to re-arrange the next position, are a very important and effective sexual technique, but one which is never mentioned anywhere.

Such progressions should be done easily and flowingly - that is their whole art - and without too much grunting and straining, or evident effort. Of particularly useful progressions from cunnilingus to coitus, the first is from that type of cunnilingus in which the woman lies on her back or sits up slightly, leaning back on her elbows, while the man lies on his side between her thighs.

Instead of the man's legs being stretched out behind him, flat on the upper surfaces of his thighs, as would be natural in the male-prone posture for cunnilingus; in this side-lying posture his legs are curled backwards under him, and his body leans on the side and in the direction opposite to his legs. In this position, the woman's leg on the side opposite his head can be lifted over the man's waist, instead of being held between his upper shoulders and neck, as he holds the leg nearest the side in which his head faces.

Or this former leg - the woman's far leg - may be held by the man at its calf, and lifted directly upward and outward into the air, while the woman supports it with one hand hooked under her knee. This will have the effect of opening and spreading the vulva appreciably, and of allowing the man both free play for his head, and room (and air) to breathe.

The woman's free hand may press the man's head passionately to her vulva, a gesture of encouragement and appreciation which is always pleasant to the man during cunnilingus in any position, so long, that is, as the pressure does not become excessive and does not prevent him from breathing or from withdrawing his head, for a moment of pause, when he seriously wishes to withdraw it.

Women have a way of sizing a man's head passionately, as much during cunnilingus as during mouth-to-mouth kissing, very violently and with both hands, sometimes tangling the hands in the man's back hair, or gripping his ears (the middle- or little-fingers are sometimes hooked into the ear-holes, which is particularly unbearable, or into the hollows deep behind and under the lobes of the ears), and absolutely dragging the man's head to them in an excess of passion. One is glad to see a woman that hot, and yet...

There are reports of teeth being broken during a thoughtlessly violent kiss or embrace of this sort, and of false teeth and dentures being started loose. There is also a folk-belief (I am assured it is true) about adolescent couples - both of them wearing braces on their teeth for orthodontic purposes - becoming inextricably locked at their jaws, like dogs in copulation, during too-violent kissing!

Eyeglasses also do sometimes, quite authentically, become tangled in this way, though obviously the man would not wear eyeglasses during cunnilingus, owing to the danger of breakage and of scratching the woman's thighs. A man in cunnilingus is not really in a position to shout up to the woman, clutching him too strongly at the sides or back of his head with her hands or thighs, "Let go my ears!" but the temptation to do so is sometimes very strong!

The progression descend above, moves from cunnilingus in a side-lying position, to sexual intercourse, may be varied by the man's bringing his body around, still lying on his side, till his torso is at right angles to the woman's, or even further till his legs are directed upward along the bed or rug and almost parallel to her side, in the direction of her head.

In these variant postures, the man's penis approaches within reach of the woman's hand on the side where his legs lie, and she can excite his penis manually while he gives her cunnilingus her. Most men very much desire this reciprocity, though the usual positions for cunnilingus do not allow it.

Actually, in manually exciting the man during cunnilingus, the woman need only wet her palm with the pre-coital flow that will appear at the tip of the penis when the man becomes erect and excited - or with her own saliva, if his pre-coital distillation is tardy, scant, or absent.

She then, with her moistened palm, presses back his foreskin - if he has one and if it has not already retracted by itself during his erection - and holds his naked glans penis warmly and tightly in her wetted hand.

As the man becomes more and more excited during the course of giving her cunnilingus her, he will probably make coital movements into her gripping hand.

He may thus be excited to the extreme point for subsequent intercourse. This should not, of course, be done in the case of those many men who are likely to ejaculate too quickly during coitus anyhow, and who are engaging in cunnilingus to bring the woman to that state of high excitement where even the few coital strokes the man will be capable of will suffice to bring her to orgasm.

For those men who have the unfortunate problem of delayed ejaculation, this may be a good way to increase arousal and excitement, of course.

The man may occasionally be brought, or rather may bring himself, to the point of orgasm in this way, by thrusting motions in the grip of the woman's moistened hand, if cunnilingus is intended to bring the woman to her climax too, and if intercourse is not contemplated.