What Turns Women On!

Some Research Into What Attracts Women Sexually In Men

This material is the product of research into 200 women, who responded to a questionnaire about what they find sexually arousing....The main groups of responses were (click on the link to go to that section):

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Whatever turns you on!

Here are some things readers like to do......

"Doing things in semi-public. Oral sex in a church parking lot on Sunday. Masturbating under a coat at concerts where everyone is sitting on the floor. Making love in the bedroom while the staid couple who own the place are in the room next to yours, thinking you are in the kitchen having a snack. And with people I don't know too well, I like to instill in them doubts as to which sex I really prefer so they start to wonder about me. I guess I'm a sort of closet exhibitionist."

"Some of my girlfriends and I play sex games that turn us all on. We play one where we ask each other really personal questions about sex, and what we've done with boys. If a girl refuses to answer or another girl catches her lying she has to pay a penalty. The first time she just has to take some clothes off. When we're all naked the game gets good. "We have penalties like having to stand naked in front of an open window, or having to suck another girl's tits or having to kiss her behind or having to play with yourself while the other girls watch. We're always trying to think of new penalties. We play strip poker, too. I played that once with my boyfriend and another couple. That really turned me on. I get turned on a whole bunch by letting a boy I like see me naked or part-naked. I think I have a good figure for sixteen. I wear a bra with a B cup, my waist is 22, and my hips are 34. I get turned on by looking at myself in the mirror when I'm naked and feeling my body. I have a really small bikini I wear when I go swimming. It turns me on to see the boys watching me. A boyfriend of mine has a swimming pool at his house. Once when we were there alone, I took off my bikini and went skinny dipping. That turned us both on a whole bunch. It's the only time yet I've fucked in water. It was fantastic. We both blew our minds, though he came too soon for my liking. I suppose he was over-excited."

"One thing that sexually arouses me is being watched while I'm undressing or nude. It arouses me to see a man becoming sexually aroused by watching me undress or by watching me when I'm nude. If he is already undressed himself, it arouses me to see his penis become erect as I undress. I also get sexually aroused when a man takes photos of me when I'm partially undressed or nude. I like to make it a part of our lovemaking. Another thing that arouses me is watching a man masturbate. On a very few occasions I have seen another woman masturbating, and that has sexually aroused me, too. I also like to watch myself in a mirror when I masturbate. In some cases, seeing a nude woman or a photo of a nude woman is arousing to me. She has to be exceptionally beautiful, though. I get especially sexually aroused if her breasts and bottom are very well shaped and if her skin is smooth and silky. One final thing that arouses me is sunbathing in the nude. I do it whenever I get a chance, and afterwards, I'm usually so sexually aroused that I go back to my room and masturbate."

"This is something that only turns me on with my boyfriend. I make him put on my clothes and tights. Then I put make-up on him and you can hardly tell the difference between him and a girl. It's only his big feet that spoil the effect. Just kissing him when he's like that makes me very randy."

"The other thing is erotic phone calls. I first tried one for a laugh. I phoned and masturbated at the same time. Then without warning I came. We spent the rest of the call talking sex and that included loads of sex techniques! What my imagination does do on these calls! Unfortunately we can't do it very often, as we have to wait until both sets of parents are out at the same time. I really don't know how I would get on without my girlfriend. Guys are great, but I just couldn't do without her."

"Romantic words and stories by the other partner. Him telling me how he would have loved to have taken me first at fourteen, when I lost my virginity. How he seduced his girlfriends, and how he himself was made love to by an older girl when he was only fourteen. The spoken word at the right time can conjure up beautiful thoughts and ideas. However, any mention of my past men, or trying to encourage me to talk, makes me think inward, and I start to recall events, which needs concentration. Then I lose my mood, which takes a lot of regaining."

"Surprise attack, being fucked from behind, with no preliminaries other than the brisk removal of lower garments. Lubrication is nearly instantaneous and freer than more prolonged foreplay produces, and the presence of other interested people, especially if they are finding ways for the partners who can't come during intercourse and have sex at the same time, making a bit of noise as he does so."

"I am thirty. Divorced ten years. I have had a boyfriend for over four years whom I live with on weekends only. I love him very much but we are not going to marry. However, sexually he is faithful. Although I really love him, sometimes he is not everything I want in bed. He is very conservative. Lights out, etc., never kisses me below the waist, never says anything sexy, but still he nearly always satisfies me, because it's a more involved thing than just physical sensation. It's love as well. But sometimes I'm unfaithful, with a man who knows everything about sex, and I enjoy every minute. But I have no emotional feelings for him, so I am utterly selfish. I believe that by being occasionally unfaithful and satisfying the animal desires and that pure lust that we all have, I can love my boyfriend more than ever because I am not frustrated, and I can have an enormous respect for him as he is a very honest and straight man. I could wish he'd be a bit more romantic and adventurous. Sometimes he bites me in his passion, and afterwards, he is truly upset for hurting me. He can't understand that I don't mind at all, that in fact, I want him to let himself go and be an animal sexually!"

"Anything I do with my body in preparation for lovemaking is sexually arousing to me. This includes the usual washing and perfuming. I have one perfume I apply only before lovemaking. I have associated this particular scent with pleasure to the extent that if I should smell the scent on another woman, perhaps in an elevator, or on the bus, my clitoris starts to throb and my cunt starts to get wet! Also, I occasionally write pornographic statements (graffiti) on my body with a marking pen. While doing this, I am turned on by the thought of my lover uncovering these little phrases. Often (but not so often as to get boring) I insert a candy or mint high into my vagina several hours before lovemaking. Just anticipating his tasting the different flavor is enough to make me start secreting enough juice so that by the time he's going down on me, the full flavor is detectable and the candy is half melted."

"I am very stimulated by going out with my lover without panties or without clothes entirely except for shoes and trench coat. He delights in knowing that only we two know about my nakedness, and I am almost feverishly excited. I usually casually mention my pantyless or clothes-less state whilst we are in a restaurant. This is exciting to us both, as he immediately gets an erection and, again, no one knows save us! One of the most exciting sex acts, to me is to have my lover enter my mouth from above. Thus, while I am fellating him, I am also the passive partner. This is exquisitely exciting if he holds my hands so that I can indulge my bondage fantasy. I find it true that if I am very sexually aroused, my gag reflex will diminish for a while so I can take his full 7.5 inch long cock when he's on his back and I am fellating him."

"I've been tied up by two different men but they weren't able to enjoy it as much as I'd hoped, and thus, while it was exciting to me, it wasn't so great as I think it could be. These men were rather passive, and it was as if once they had me all open and available and helpless, they didn't quite know what to do about it!"

"Writing and receiving erotic letters (including this one!), especially those I write to my lover. I can get myself very excited very quickly while seeing my own sexy words flow onto paper."