What Turns Women On!

Some Research Into What Attracts Women Sexually

This material is the product of research into 200 women, who responded to a questionnaire about what they find attractive in men....The main groups of responses were (click on the link to go to that section):

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Fetishism is not really understood by most people. (I hate to use the word "normal" in any sexual context, but 1 must use it here.) Normally, both men and women are aroused by seeing each other's body as a whole. However, some people become focused on one part of the body and can only respond sexually to seeing that part - hair, feet, buttocks, fingers-while others respond to objects which have nothing to do with the partner's body, especially underclothing (panties, stockings, garters, girdle, bra) and shoes, boots, leather, long gloves, rubber, and so on unless they can observe these parts of the body and other objects, or wear or have the partner wear their peculiar fetishistic article of clothing, they cannot be sexually aroused and reach orgasm.

I know a woman whose partner can only come during sex if she is nude except for a feather boa and a string of pearls, while another friend of mine has a partner can't ejaculate during intercourse unless he is wearing frilly lace panties with an opening through which his penis can protrude. A client once sought my help because he could only be sexually aroused if he wore a raincoat and Wellington boots.

All right, these people are kinky! And all right, so what? Everyone is entitled to the experience of sex, and if, because of some psychological quirk, they can only have this experience by stimulating themselves by the use of their fetish, they are absolutely justified in doing so. Unfortunately, most fetishists have to go to prostitutes for their sexual experiences, since it is may be difficult for them to find other partners who will accept their fetishistic needs. (My friends of the feather boa and frilly panties are lucky because they explained their needs to their wives before marriage, and the wives were intelligent enough to humor their harmless aids. My client had not been so fortunate, and his marriage was on the verge of breaking up, because his new young wife was horrified, not so much by the raincoat and Wellington boots, as by the state of mind that needed the wearing of these things to achieve erection.

I see no harm in anything that encourages sexual arousal and anyone, particularly the man, who finds some material or object that can stimulate them to a more than ordinary response, should be encouraged to indulge themselves, always bearing in mind that it should be with a willing and cooperative partner.